Nick Menza was the former drummer of the rock metal band Megadeth which rose to fame in the 1990s. When the members disbanded, Nick found himself craving for the excitement of performing onstage which led him to make a comeback in the music industry. He joined tours of rock bands in different parts of the United States. He is a five time Grammy nominee for best drummer.

Nick joined Megadeth in1988 after he was asked by Dave Mustaine to be the band’s drummer. His debut performance with the band was in a concert held in Bradford, England. The band would then proceed to record its multi-platinum album, Rust in Peace, two years later. And since then, there was no turning back and the band rose to iconic status in the heavy rock band category. Nick was instrumental in the band’s success and even co-wrote some of the songs aside from providing the lively, heavy, and loud beating of the drums to Megadeth’s most iconic songs. 

The highlight of Nick’s career was during Megadeth’s peak of fame where they performed concerts all over the world. He specifically remembers the thrill he felt while playing the drums before more than 100,000 fans during their Rock in Rio tour. The lowest point of his career was when he was fired from the band Megadeth which he said happened while he was recuperating from a surgery in the hospital. Although known to the media and fans to be aloof and very private, Nick tells all his stories about living the life of rock and roll, his rise to stardom and fall from it, and his valiant attempt to bring back the glorious days of performing heavy rock music for his followers in his book entitled “Megalife: Nick Menza”.

Nick Menza was born in Munich, Germany on July 23, 1964. He came from a family of musicians and began playing the drums when he was just two years old. Nick now lives in Studio City, California with his two sons, Nicholas Sebastian and Donte.