In this interview, Nick Menza talks about how his career started and his stint in Megadeth. 

You are such a talented musician. Have you always wanted to be a drummer? 

Yes, I grew up in a family of musicians back in Europe. Growing up, I held drumsticks instead of crayons or pencils. They said I started playing the drums when I was just two years old so I guess you can say that I have always been a drummer. 

How did you start in the music industry? 

I actually started by playing gospel music and some rhythm and blues in different sessions. Then, I got to know different band members from Megadeth and Slayer on South of Heaven. They asked me to audition for their bands. I did not make it to Slayer’s but Dave Mustaine asked me to join Megadeth. So, that’s how I started. 

Megadeth really soared to the top of the charts. What can you say about that? 

Yeah, it was really amazing. Our albums reached platinum level. We have supporters all over the world. We were one of the pioneers of thrash metal. I was proud of that. People recognized our effort in the technicalities and complexities of our musical arrangements. 

Have you always enjoyed that kind of music? 

I loved being on that drum set. When I was with Megadeth, we used the Greg Voelker Rack System which had a double bass, tom-toms, and cymbals that all worked together to produce such an eloquent sound for that kind of music. It was complicated but it was fun and it sounded really good. It complemented our rhythm and style. Who would not enjoy that? 

Can you talk about the themes of your albums?   

We represented the angst generation.  We released our frustrations through loud and heavy music. Our songs talked about politics, religion, war, and death. You normally would not want to talk about those things but through music, we were able to express ourselves and I guess everyone was able to relate to our songs given the support that they have given us. So I want to thank all our fans for giving us the opportunity to play this kind of music for all of you.