The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance

Keeping garage door springs in a good running state is the most important consideration you need to take to make sure that your garage door functions safely and efficiently. Besides this, garage door tracks, cables, panels, and opener needs periodic attention. Garage door springs are the main and important component to prevent troubles in a long run. In this article, you will learn how preventive garage door spring maintenance will help you to keep your garage door functioning like new. But if you have any doubt about your skills, call a professional to provide you service here

Regular maintenance increases the life of garage door:

You can take some simple steps to give your garage door a good life. For example, you will have to lubricate the pulleys, tracks, and other moving hardware every six months with the help of light silicone spray. You should tighten the loose screws, bolts, and nuts. Broken weather stripping should be also replaced.

You will have to spend enough time carefully inspect the garage door on a regular basis. These tasks should include finding frayed or shredding cables, dents or rust in the tracks, and any loose hardware in the mechanism. You should also check the locking system periodically to ensure that they are secure. These basic procedures will help you to keep your garage door functioning smoothly and increase its overall life. Definitely, if you are not sure about how to perform these tasks, hire a professional to help you.

What you cannot handle is a garage door torsion spring. These springs are quite dangerous to handle and need the attention of an experienced technician. Under normal circumstances, annual maintenance for springs is normally enough. 

Safety inspection of garage door:

Thousands of people are killed by malfunctioning garage doors every year. Many people suffer pinches as a result of broken garage door springs. Apart from regular garage door maintenance, ask your local contractor to provide a safety inspection at least once a year. These garage door specialists have the right skills to determine which parts need to be fixed or replaced. They will also update your garage door with the latest safety features.  

The importance of garage door spring repair and replacement:

On average, a garage door is opened and closed around 2000 times each year. In case, regular garage door maintenance is neglected, the tracks become clogged or misaligned; rollers can become frozen, necessitating the replacement of the parts. The garage door opener may become malfunction and leaving your garage door stuck halfway open. Dented or misaligned tracks make your garage door hard to open or close. Worst of all, the torsion springs lose their tension or break down causing the garage door to abruptly fall. In some extreme cases, broken pieces of tightly coiled springs can fly through the air which caused serious injuries and damages to property. Regular preventive garage door maintenance will save you from the hassles of dealing with unexpected situations and keep your family safe.

Why You Should Maintain Your Garage Door

A garage door is one of the most important pieces of equipment around your home. Not only does it the biggest and visible equipment on your property, being one of the front-facing aspects of your building, it also protects your belongings.

The garage door serves as the main entryway into your home and a means to express your fashion sense. The garage door should be treated and maintained as importantly as your lawn, front door. It is true that the garage door is the most prominent part of your home, a lot of care and attention should be taken to make sure that it will function smoothly and both allow people into the home and keeping strangers out.

Every garage door has a couple of universal methods to keep it functional. An electric garage door comes with hinges, rollers, and springs which need regular lubrication to keep working smoothly. These lubricants can be brought from any local hardware at an affordable cost. General garage door maintenance tasks involve checking the screws and bolts to ensure that they are tightened securely and garage door balance is not off. Although this work does not need special expertise if you are not sure about what is going on then call a professional garage door technician like, Ace Garage Door Repair for this project. 

If you have a wood garage door, it is important to it painted and waterproofed. Over time, rain and sunlight will cause cracks to the surface of wood which will result not only in ugly appearance but also in reducing performance, making it possible to get damaged and eventually break out. You will not experience this problem with your metal garage door. Dents and rust can be a possible problem with steel garage doors depending on the moisture and humidity in your region.

The garage door important point is the garage door springs. They are long metal devices and placed under high pressure which has a specific lifespan depending on the design and type. They should be replaced when they are on their last legs. Normally, garage door springs can last 10,000 operating cycles depending on the number of factors such as, how long the springs have been installed, how often you use the garage door, and so on. If you experienced that garage door springs are near their end, it is advisable to call a professional garage door expert to replace them.

Spring inspection, repair, and replacements are quite dangerous for untrained individuals. They are tightly wound up and are under a considerable amount of pressure, making them dangerous to handle without having proper equipment and training as they can cause serious injuries and damages. Unless you are properly educated and experienced in garage door maintenance work, it is best to hire a local garage door repair technician to handle the garage door spring tasks.

Best Garage Door Repair Tips

Garage doors are available in different styles and designs made from various materials which will work under a wide range of functional mechanisms. However, garage doors become less-efficient and malfunction over time due to frequent usage and lack of maintenance services which should be fixed as earlier as possible. It is a common practice that any mechanical default with a garage door needs professional assistance. Visit here to get detailed information about garage door services.

There is a number of small issues which you can handle on your own and do not need any professional assistance from an expensive garage door repair company. Nowadays, homeowners have started taking care of the minor defects in their garage doors without hiring professional garage door technicians to save a lot of money. Here are some common garage door problems which can be conveniently fixed without taking the help of costly garage door mechanics.

  • When an automatic garage door is not working properly or becomes malfunction, there are chances that it may trap on your or your car. Before calling a garage door technician, perform some simple tasks to determine what is going on. First of all, pull the red emergency cord that hangs down from the garage door opener. When you pulled the cable, it will allow you to operate the garage door manually until it is fixed.
  • You may notice that the garage door does not close perfectly leaving your car and other stored stuff unprotected. There may a chance that the horizontal tracks have moved out from their place due to continuous usage and cannot be aligned into the corresponding slot. To fix the problem, you just need to unscrew the mounting brackets and then align up the tracks in such a way that they get fixed and aligned on the slot. Applying some lubricant might not be a bad option for ensuring smooth operations of tracks. Very few people understand that for this problem, they do not need the services of trained garage door technicians.
  • For areas that are exposed to extreme hot or cold climate conditions, it is common that the garage door gets jam while going up or down. In these cases, you will have to clean the garage door tracks and rollers to ensure that there is no obstruction on them in the form of dust or grease. In extreme circumstances, you need to check the setting of the garage door and then adjust the pressure of the mechanism to make it functional again. If you are not sure what is going wrong with the garage door, take a phone and call a professional garage door technician near you for help. They specialize in almost every type of garage door problem with every type or style of a garage door. 


Extension Springs Vs Torsion Springs – Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right type of springs for your magical machine which you want to operate effortlessly and flawlessly might be more important than you think.

Do-It-Yourself techniques for fixing broken garage door springs can be dangerous and cause harm to your loved ones, and even destroy your property. There are several reports that deaths have happened due to improperly installed or malfunctioning springs. This is why; professional, trained, and knowledgeable garage door experts from Ace Garage Door are the right individuals who will help you to fix the broken garage door springs. There is a lot at stake. This article will give you more information about the common types of garage door springs.

Actually, there are extensive varieties of garage door springs that are distinct and have subtypes. Yet there are two basic kinds of springs one is an extension and the other is torsion springs. Extension springs are the common and most frequently used components on residential buildings. You will found them above the upper course of the garage door or on either side of a garage door.  These springs are responsible to generate and release energy while opening and closing process of a garage door.

These cables can prevent from turning into a dangerous project somehow or in case a bottom mounting section, cable, or spring breakage neglected. It can happen at any time when the garage door is in the opening or closing process.

It is incredibly important that security cables should be installed with torsion springs for safety measurements. Extension garage door springs stretch and enlarge during operations of garage door, whereas torsion springs are worked using the twisting principle to lift or lower the garage door. 

There are extensive varieties of springs that come in the category of torsion springs depending on the size of the garage door and the number of spans. These variations are carefully determined to be fit to move along with other variables of overhead garage door including the height and width of the garage door. Do you still stick to evaluating which type of spring is best for you? Extension springs are often cheaper than torsion springs. This is why; most homeowners prefer to have this. Nevertheless, it important to understand that these are the dangerous component due to highly exposed characteristics, they do present dangers which are higher.

On the opposite side, torsion springs are long, stronger, and durable which can support the heavier garage door. These springs provide great equilibrium to counterbalance the weight of the garage door to make the opening and closing operations of the garage door. Having great covered parts, they are undoubtedly much safer than others. This is a reason, why torsion springs are expensive than others. Don’t forget to take into consideration the additional benefits offered by torsion springs in regards to security and safety. You should go to the torsion springs.

At the bottom, it is important to remember that garage door springs hold extreme pressure which makes them dangerous and challenging to handle. To restrict the threat of personal harm or property damages, I definitely advised that consult a professional garage door expert who is reputed, certified, and has the right expertise.

Protect Your Property with Timely Garage Door Repair

A fact is that having a functional garage door is practically important. However, the importance goes far beyond mere practicality. Having a working and efficient garage door is also essential in terms of the safety and security of your home. Here you will find why it is so important to avail basic garage door repair services as soon as you observe an issue and how your local garage door expert can help you in this regard.

There are plenty of mechanical and electrical garage door problems that can crop up to causes malfunctioning garage doors. The extension or torsion springs are used to counterbalance the weight of your garage door, allowing you to safely and effortlessly open or close it. This hardware of the garage door has tended to wear out or even break down.  The garage door tracks and rollers are also deteriorating. Furthermore, the tracks can also come out of alignment or get clogged and eventually damage. The hinges can also become rusted and eventually break down due to extreme stress, generated as the result of continued operations.

In most cases, the problems with the malfunctioning garage door happen due to general wear and tear of hardware. When you experienced unusual movements during the operations of the garage door, it is important to get the required parts repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Getting your garage door repaired is the first, vital, and foremost procedure for your safety. If the strength of springs goes loose or worn out, it is possible that the garage door could release and fall down unexpectedly on your car or something else around it. Instead of courting the accidents, get the malfunctioning fixed as soon as you notice it.

Dealing with the problems of the garage door is also important to preserve the internal environment and other stored belonging inside the garage. For example, if garage door tracks become misaligned, a gas is automatically created between the garage door and the floor which will allow excess cold or hot air and moisture to come in and give way to uninvited insects and other intruders. It makes anything that you have stored in your garage vulnerable to theft and deterioration.

If you experienced that your garage door is not functioning as it should be, consult a professional garage door installation and repair services for assistance. Their expert staff will be able to determine the overall condition of your garage door and can help you to restore its performance to where it should be. They are experienced enough to provide appropriate recommendations about repair or replacement work and will carry out their services with the latest equipment and industrial expertise. In order to safeguard the security of your property and family, hire a professional garage door repair expert as soon as you notice a problem with your garage door. Professional garage door technicians will be able to access the problems and perform any required activities to restore the garage door to its fully functional and secured position.  

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Nowadays, the contemporary styles of garage door play an important role in creating a strong fashion statement. The carriage-style garage door is not trendy because it doesn’t match with the exterior of many modern buildings. You can call a contemporary architecture to take suggestions about a garage door that will complement the look, not clash with it. Beyond protecting the home, the modern rolls up garage doors are used for boosting curb appeal. Click on the link to get more details about stylish garage doors.

Garage doors for modern architecture: Contemporary garage doors give you an uncluttered and stylish look. They are either made from glass, wood, or even aluminum. These garage doors are designed with 90-degree angles, sharp, and straight lines which are sleek and sophisticated styles. The most common design is featured with an aluminum frame along with frosted glass, and polycarbonate fittings.

Aluminum frames also come in natural, black, or bronze color. In fact, any colored frame is available. Their hardware typically needs low maintenance. Besides the basic framed styles, the rolls-up garage door is also famous in solid wood. It is an expensive option than others but homeowners prefer the real wood garage door fashion statement. Contemporary hardwood garage doors constructed with copper, painted aluminum, and stainless steel material. The type of wood material includes Cypress, Cedar, Mahogany, and Teak.

Structure of Contemporary style garage doors: Although these garage doors have been used for commercial setups but these features have only recently become famous in residential designs. Where Arcadia and French garage doors were merged, the glass rolls up a garage door are now an architectural style of choice. Most homeowners don’t want the unsightly seen the motor of the garage door opener hanging along with the ceiling of the garage. They are installed properly to carefully counterbalance the operations of the garage door.

Cool accessories come with contemporary garage doors: Contemporary garage doors already look stylish and cool, but some modern accessories add even more awesome factors. Other important hardware includes hinge hits, clavos (the nail head), shutter dogs, pulls in the version of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Although some of these features may be good for ultra-modern architectures professional designers use them in extra-ordinary ways to add a high degree of the visual interior. There are several mechanical accessories that are used in the modern style of garage doors. Modern remote control device allows you to use a WiFi or smartphone to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world and to alert you when your garage door is using by any unauthorized person.

In addition to this, these remote controls are designed with fingerprint technology and a scanner to protect your garage from unwanted access. Other technological features like, surge protectors, battery backup units, and the ability to program the opener to turn on and off the house lights, inside temperature controls, and playing music when you get home are gaining popularity.

Whatever garage door design, material, or architecture you choose; there are many new and attractive designs and accessories for you. If you have a modern building exterior, then professional garage door experts suggest you contemporary style garage door and its accessories. Contact a professional garage door dealer and services provider near you for more information.  

How to Fix a Squeaky Garage Door

Do you feel like you run a racket while operating your garage door? Off Couse, a squeaky, and loud garage door is very annoying for you and your neighbors. These noises are bothersome especially in the early morning and in the middle of the night. It can be horrible for you if you have a living room above or near the garage.

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Although the best technique to fix the noisy garage door is to prevent it from using a regular maintenance regime, often homeowners ignore this fact until it’s too late. If you want to enjoy the soundly sleeps and don’t want to disturb your neighbors, you will have to deal with this matter as soon as you first notice it. Luckily, it is very easy to fix the loud noises with the help of simple techniques that you can perform on your own. Remember, if you are not confident enough about your abilities, it is wise to call a professional garage door company such as, New Port Richey garage door repair company near you to deal with this matter. If you have decided to do it on your own, all you need to get started with a few essentials such as:

  • A tub of garage door lubrication grease
  • Silicon lubricating spray
  • A cotton rug
  • A ladder

Always use caution while using a ladder to approach out-of-reach parts. You can check all the moving parts of the garage door easily with the help of a ladder. At this time, you will need to check the rollers and track to find out dirt or debris. These dirty elements can cause friction. And the friction established between rollers and tracks may cause the squeaking noises. Broken, old, and rusted garage door rollers can create excessive noises as well.

Apply grease inside the tracks with the help of a rug. Be careful and cover all the areas so that friction will be reduced. Here you can also use silicone spray to lubricate the tracks. it is strongly suggested to use a high-quality lubricant like, WD-40 because it will not attract the grime and dust and also act as an active degreaser.

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To do lubrication to all the moving parts, you will have to open and close the garage door a number of times to distribute the lubricant evenly. Afterward, use a cleaned rug to wipe out excess grease from rollers and racks. This action will ensure that no excess grease will fall on the ground, car, or any other stored items around the garage door.

It is good to use the silicone spray to lubricate the springs, cables, and chain properly. The chain is placed on the motor. Garage door springs are mounted in the center of the garage door near the motor. All these moving components need lubrication. Now your garage door will not be squeaky at all. It can be opened and closed with a minimal amount of sounds.

What are the 6 Types of Garage Doors? (And How to Choose One)

If you have been parked your car on the driveway to avoid the embarrassment of loud noises, the above-mentioned steps will help you to enjoy the quiet and smooth operations of the garage door. Normally, simple troubleshooting techniques will work to fix the sounds. However, if you are facing serious problems, it is good to call a professional garage door repair company to help you with your loud and squeaky garage door.