Garage Door Springs – Few Tests to Consider

If you have installed a roll-up garage door then it won’t have any spring on it to aid the operations. Well, a standard flip-up garage door will always be installed with springs placed on each side of the garage door or over the top of the garage door to counterbalance the weight when it is going up or down. Trust me or not, garage door springs are extremely hard and dangerous which can cause serious injuries and damages if you mishandled them while they are stretched out. Click on the link to find more information about garage door springs. 

Are they dangerous? Unless you really understand the mechanism of torsion springs, you should never attempt to adjust or remove the pressured garage door spring. Several injuries to people are reported every year due to broken garage door springs, so you should be extremely careful.

Have a look at garage door springs: How can you identify if your garage door springs are not looking good or not working properly? The first important point that you can do is to inspect them visually to see if anything is amiss. In case, any bolt, screw, or nut is missing, or springs looking frayed then it should be replaced immediately.

Test the garage door while opening or closing: Garage door springs have to be adjusted properly. Although their function is unique to provide the exact amount of pressure that is needed for a perfect working garage door. It is a clear indication that your next test should be checking the opening and closing of the garage door.

Stays open at halfway_ It should open smoothly and should not need too much force to open. In case, garage door springs are not adjusted and working smoothly, the garage door should not be able to stay at your marked position. It will go up or down speedily without using hands.

Too tight or too loose garage door springs: In the next step, you should test the performance of the garage door by keeping it closed properly. Your garage door should close smoothly and not slam down immediately. In case, it goes down using too much force then garage door springs are mounted tightly. In case your garage door is hard to open and won’t stay open at the half path, it means these springs need to be adjusted a little loss.