Nick Menza’s book entitled “Megalife: Countdown to Resurrection” will soon be released. This was co-written by J. Craig who spent over a year living with Nick Menza in his California home to be able to get to know this oftentimes private and known to be a very proud man better. This book is much awaited by metal rock enthusiasts and fans throughout the music industry as everyone seems to be very curious about the life of the very talented and probably one of the most controversial drummers in metal thrash history. When asked about the content of the book, J. Craig said it was all about Nick Menza’s story from the heights of rock and roll success and stardom, how he was able to reach his dreams and see them shattered. For Nick Menza, he said that his book was about rising from the obstacles and challenges of a musician’s life. 

During the press conference, it was obvious that Nick did not want to talk about how he was discharged from the band Megadeth but he reassured us that he told everything in his book. “Well, it’s pretty much obvious since they are in the title. I had to talk about them,” he said. Menza also recalled his struggles after he was released from the band such as his injuries and accidents which made it difficult for him to stage a comeback in the music industry. “It seemed like I was jinxed,” he said with a laugh. “But really, that is the essence of this book. I wanted to share my experiences so that people will realize that there is life after all of the storms. You are not always going to be on top. What is important is that you get up each time life puts you down. And that is what I tried my best to do.” 

Watch out for Nick Menza’s book. It promises to be an interesting and exciting story.